Monday, June 04, 2012

The Hunt

   I was hunting nature with my camera today along with my faithful dog Terp. 
We came across a Great Blue Heron in the stream by our house. The heron also had a friend, Mr.Duck that was floating close by and sharing the little pond of water that had formed in the stream bed.

Dragonfly- possible Damsel dragonfly

Terp meets a new doggy friend through a board in the fence between.

Terp meets two new friends, Mr. Duck and Mr. Heron.

Terp still  going to meet his new friends.

From the stream bed trees above ground has lost the dirt that once clung to the roots of this tree.

More exposed roots hanging down from the root structure of another tree.

One more example of a tree losing the battle against erosion from the rushing water in the stream bed.

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