Saturday, June 02, 2012

Is it a phone? Is it a camera ? Is it a computer ?

Just what is the phone any more ?
And why is everything in ' the Cloud' now? Your information is in the cloud, your computer applications now run in the Cloud.....and of course all our pictures are now stored in the Cloud.

It makes the definition of a  phone , so different from when most of us older folks where growing up.
The only way you called out  on a phone was by dialing a wheel with the letters and numbers cordinated with a finger holes for your finger tips to slid into. And the only way you made a phone call on the road was from a Gas (or filling) Station that had a phone (or phone booth )on it's property, usually by the free air hose. Imagine free air at a Service Station.

So just sitting here in the middle of a big open field, with my I Phone( camera? computer?), and sending you a hello and a picture of a cloud in case you forgot what a cloud  really is! The weather is beautiful here, and hope it is for you too.And sending both picture of a cloud and placing it on my blog (in the Cloud),
never mind  ....

Have fun this weekend...everyone and don't worry about the clouds!
This picture from my I- phone.

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