About Me

Throughout my life I have always been excited about the magic of photography, photography that for most people my age, when they were young in the late 1950's was not much more than a brand new Kodak Brownie automatic camera.

Mostly my love of photography tends to lean toward the magic of how light looks and interacts naturally or man made , with the world.
I love the way the light interacts with all of the world changing all throughout the day or night, as the light bounces off our moon to brighten the darkness at nighttime. So elusive to catch this light at times. The camera being so small in comparison to the challenges of capturing the reflective light from surfaces. It all plays on my mind through life. Light the giver of sight, without it what would the world have been like in total darkness. One can only imagine.

But, of course this is not the case, and so I celebrate the act of capturing this light as it reflects off of my subjects.And then through manipulation bring my interpretation of reality and art to the picture. It can be soft light, distorted light, polarized light, or no light at all.

Photography not only captures the light but the instant in time, capturing expressions, and love for all to share together in the future. Photography, the closes thing on Earth to a time machine for all to either be part of, or to view, all the wonders of the world from a  second ago, a minute ago, or a hundred years ago. Photography the time stopper.