Monday, December 17, 2012

Multiple Mashups

I call my photos mash ups. Mashing one photo into the next. Finding the right combination of form and colors.
Some are laid on top of other photos serving as back grounds, such as the photo below. Some are combined together to form just one picture.All photos were made with an I phone 3, transferred to my Dell computer and transformed in Google Picasa.
Virtually all were post edited in Picasa for color enhancement, inverted colors, and a number of easily performed editing tasks within Picasa.

A portrait of a persons shadow combined with the shingles of  a  house.

Combination of two photos one of wall the other of tree.

Combination of brick wall, photo of dresses in a window and that  is combined with a  photo of some woods.


Lynn said...

Really cool pics! Especially like the portait of a person's shadow!

Lynn said...

Really cool pics! Especially like the portrait of a person.