Sunday, June 03, 2012

Night Photography

 The dark always seems mysterious and some what scarey in real life. But, is one of the favorite activities you can  enjoy shooting with your camera..I like the idea that your mind fills in much of a picture like the one to the right. You have already decided it is probably a lonely country road late at night. Or even a lonely highway near home. It does not matter if in reality it is a busy country style road connecting thousands of commuters everyday, and would not be rare to see cars stopped bumper to bumper every afternoon.
The picture to the right was made by cradling my Nikon D200 camera on my arm as it pointed out the driver side window of my car (not moving and off),shot with available light as the car moved down the hill toward me.

A car heading in the other direction but on the same road. This time it included the street lamp above to add some scale to the picture, and at the same time, some green  color even though night time.

 Using Google Picasa, pixalation was added to the lights in this scene to the right. The cross street is "Thornton Rd."

A local street, with wonderful weather, cafe tables on the sidewalk, and holiday lights strung from the trees (June12) gives Towson's street a warm welcome and inviting place to visit.

Below, a local store front showing wedding dresses for sale.From the sidewalk you get a wonderful feeling for the style and quality of the gowns being shown.

Walking on the busy side walk I spied this little walkway, that was off to the left, lighted by the single lamp.

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