Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baltimore Museum of Art

The Baltimore Museum  of Art has opened their New Contemporary Wing. As mentioned on their site... "consists of fourteen revitalized galleries with more than 100 works-including paintings,sculpture,photographs, drawings, and video.Free for all."

My main focus during my visit was to get an overview of all the art. But, would have an eye out for any photography. Although I like most art, photography intrigues me the most.

The Baltimore Museum of Art Visitor Entrance.
If you have not been to the BMA before, or it has been a while since you have been there, look for these changes; the entrance is no longer between the two lion statues out front of the museum, and the walk up the steps to that entrance. In fact pass them both on your way to the new entrance just feet east(to the right as you face the old entrance on Museum Drive) of the old front entrance where you will also find more parking just off the new main entrance. Grab your ticket from the automatic ticket dispenser and take it with you inside. Right inside the lobby you can pay for all day for a reasonable $6.00.
There is also street metered parking right in front of the museum on Museum Drive. 

 Note: If you wish to be surprised and do not want to know what art is displayed then do not look or read beyond this point.
     On this day I was bringing along a friend who really is an artist and a lover of the arts. Although she was hundreds of miles away, I sent pictures of what I found interesting ( or knew something about), and gladly fired off my pics through my I-phone. Although the lighting is bright,it was a challenge to photograph without a real 35 mm digital.And some sculptures or art were so large it was hard to get it all in the photograph. In fact some works of art are so large you can walk around, through, and under them as you view them.
     Some of the artist I was familiar with, some were new and exciting to discover. But, most of all, I found the experience to be a wonderful afternoon wondering through a great Art Museum.

First Sculpture (Above)greets visitors into the New Contemporary Wing.

Above: Self Portrait: Andy Warhol


Above: Andy Warhol painting, just part of the gallery showing Warhol's work at the Baltimore Museum of Art.There is an entire room dedicated to Andy Warhol and his larger then life works of art.

Sculpture so large you can walk under and through   it.
Photographic Print
Colorful print made from different colored filters.
Large format photographic prints.
Close by are works of other well known artist .....

Matisse works of art- dancers

Early Picasso sculpture

Calder mobile hangs from ceiling

Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

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Lynn Shuff said...

Love your blog on BMA! I especially like the way you walked me into the museum with comments about the parking & admission. Since I live out of state, now I would feel very comfortable with making the trip to Balto. to see the museum. Although modern art is not my favorite (Impressionism is) I think, from the sampling of art work you photographed, that I would really enjoy a visit to this museum!